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The Z Scale Briefcase Layout

It all started with a piece of pink insulation board.


Go through the various Z scale pages and see what can be done with a little imagination, some creativity, and some patience!  Visit the How-To section to see how I did a lot of the work for the layout.  Every How-To page can be applied to any scale.


See the various scenes I added to the layout.  This includes the police car I outfitted with fiber optics!

Briefcase Construction & Wiring

I had to modify a briefcase in order to house the layout and wiring in such a small area certainly has its challenges.

Little Extras

Little extra details can make a BIG difference.  See some of the little extras I put into my layout to hear the OOOs and AHHHs.

Important Tools

There are some tools you just can't do without.  Here is a section of my most valued tools as I built my Z scale briefcase layout.

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