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How to Attach Figures & Vehicles


This is the process I used to install all of the figures and vehicle on  my layout.  It's quick, easy, and effective.  Do not use this process if you intend to move your people or cars around.  Its intent is for permanent placement.

NOTE:  When I refer to "drilling" in this process, it means to hold the drill bit with your fingers and "drill" a hole.  Do not try using an electric drill.  It will not end pretty!

Adding a person next to this delivery vehicle would make it a lot more interesting to look at so that's exactly what I did.


Step 1: Decide where you want the person to be and lay them down next to the position to use as a guide.


Step 2:  Using a micro drill bit, like the one pictured below, Drill holes under where the figures feet will go.  This drill bit is .026 inches.


Step 3:  Use a toothpick to add caulk in and on top of the holes you drilled.  It's better to have too much caulk than not enough.  You can remove excess later.


Step 4:  Dip the feet of your figure into a dab of caulk.  Again, it's better to have too much caulk than not enough.  You can remove excess later.


Step 5:  Use tweezers to place the figure into its position.  Try using a circular motion in an attempt to better mix the caulk on the layout with the caulk on the figure.  Make sure the figure is at least even with the board or slightly in the holes for maximum grip.


Step 6:  Use a toothpick or other small tool to remove as much caulk (before it dries) as possible while leaving enough to hold the figure.  Just reposition the figure if it gets knocked around during cleaning.  After an hour, the caulk dries and looks like the picture at the top.


Installing Vehicles

Use the same process to attach vehicles to your layout for permanent placement.  Instead of using a micro drill bit, you can use a larger drill bit that's still smaller than the width of the vehicle.



- Instead of placing the hold directly beneath the vehicle, you can place it just slightly to the side or back, but still under the vehicle, so that when it's looked at from the normal viewing angle, the hole is completely hidden.

- After making the hole, paint the inside black or a similar color to your road.  Since it's a larger hole, it'll be easier to see inside it.  Painting it will help conceal the hole.

From the back of the layout it's not too hard to see the hole I made under the middle window of the car.

Sized DSC02863.jpg

When viewed from the front of the layout, the hole is completely hidden.


Watch this video to see how I used this process to install the figure in the picture below.

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