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Custom Painted MP15DC Switcher

For the most part this was a pretty easy project because the entire locomotive is black.  I didn't have to worry about mixing paints to get the correct silver color.  The only thing I had to be careful about was painting the molded on parts.

Here's a look at the undecorated switcher once I removed all the parts so they could be painted.

Here's a look at the cab after it has been airbrushed black, had the "501" decal applied, and having the silver trim hand painted on.

Time for Decals

Here's a look at the decal work.  I had to cut the decal down to the proper height.

"Disco" stripe before Micro Sol

I even added decals to the number board in the front.  These decal's were VERY tiny and it took a few attempts to float them into place and use a tissue to quickly absorb the remainder of the solvent to have them land in the correct place, but it was worth it in the end.

"Disco" stripe After Micro Sol

The Finishing Touches

I hand painted the molded on parts, the steps, the MU hoses, the railings, and the air hoses.  Click the pictures to enlarge them.

The Finished Model

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