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NJ Transit Comet II Cab Car

Here is a brief look at how I created my very first NJ Transit Comet II Cab car.  I started with a Con-Cor RDC-1and modified it to resemble the Comet II Cab car.

Here you can see two Con-Cor RDC cars.  The top one shows how I had to remove the fans and their housing to make the roof level.  I removed it using a hobby saw, hobby knife, files, and sandpaper.

Below you can see pictures of the thin piece of styrene I inserted under where the fans had been.  I used regular hobby glue to secure it.  This pieice is necessary because I had to rebuild that section on the roof to keep the roof line smooth.

These images show what the model looks like after using Squadron White Putty to rebuild and shape the roof and fill in other areas.

Side window filled in

Cab roof shaped flat and squared

Picture of roof which is now flat, not curved.

Here is a picture from the inside.  You can see how the styrene has warped due to the Squadron Putty slightly melting it to adhere.  It works very well, but I now know that I would prefer to use plumbers putty which hardens as a plastic.  While the Squadron Putty worked, it did end up chipping a little bit at the end of the car.

Here are some picture of the car after the base coat is dry.  You can no longer see the window that I successfully plugged up.  I had to plug it so that my decals would fit,

Here's the finished cab car complete with decals.

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