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Building the See Saw

The seesaw was actually a lot easier to build than I thought it would.

Measurements came from 

1) I started out by cutting out a bottom piece, two side pieces, the center pole, and the two seesaw boards.

2) I then lined the two side pieces up on top of each other and used a small drill bit to make a hole slightly larger than my round stick of styrene

3) Next I glued the bottom piece to a piece of paper for stability and then glued the sides on.  15 minutes later I slid the center pole through the holes I drilled and glued that in place

4) Held in place by sticky tack, I glued the "bracket" for the boards from the underneath of the center pole.  Once that dried I glued the boards on top of the brackets.

5A) Painting - I started off by painting the center pole, sides, and brackets red.  Next I painted the yellow board which would be empty.  I painted the other board later because I hadn't positioned my figures yet.

5B) Painting - Before moving onto the second board I touched up areas that I had missed previously because once the figures are attached, it would be hard to carefully paint around them. I then spray painted it with Testors "Dullcote".

6) Before attaching the figures I painted the board blue where the figures would not be sitting.  Using tweezers I glued the figures in place and let the glue dry.  Next I went back and carefully painted the remaining area around them blue.

7) I glued the completed seesaw to the playground and one dry, painted the entire playground floor black.  This way my "woodchips" would have a better surface to glue down to and to prevent white styrene from peeking through any cracks.

6) Finally it was time to lay the ground down.  The "wood chips" cover the base of the seesaw which make it look like it's rooted into the ground.

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