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Welcome to Carletta Trains

Please note that this site is very picture oriented and is designed to be viewed on a monitor or laptop

My mission is to help you learn techniques to accomplish that dream layout you've been wanting and to show you just how much can be done in a small amount of space.

After completing 90% of the work on my Z scale briefcase layout (day and night pictures above) I decided to create a website that featured a how-to section which detailed how I created various parts of the layout along with pictures of my scenes to help give you ideas for your layout.

When I built my layout I went to many different websites to learn processes and went through many images on Google trying to get ideas about what I could incorporate into my layout.  Hopefully this site will help take a big chunk out of all of that searching for you.  Although my how-to videos are about me working in Z scale they are the same processes that I used in my N scale layout and could be used in any other scale as well.


The N scale portion of the site contains many custom trains I've created along with other projects I did on my N scale layout.  It also shows the creation of it and has tips on how to avoid the mistakes I made.


If you have any questions, comments, or you'd like to know how to do something I didn't make a how-to for you can contact me through my "About Me" page with the form at the bottom.



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